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Texas / Texana General Book Reviews:

Some nice books about Texas, or life in Texas. If you are looking for cookbooks, look in Cookbook Reviews.

Lovin That Lone Star Flag thumbnail Lovin' That Lone Star Flag
Book Review by Alfredo Alvarez

Texans have never been shy about pride in their state. So it's high time for someone to offer, in the form of a large coffee table book, examples of some of the many ways that Texans show and display their state's famous flag.
The Big Rich thumbnail The Big Rich
Book Review by Steve Labinski

Texas loves big stories about itself, and nothing reads bigger than the ups and downs of its most famous entreprenuers, the Big Four oilmen H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, Roy Cullen and Sid Richardson. Containing interesting biographies, the book eventually wades into deep water by trying to pinpoint Texas' political origins.
Texas Poetry Calendar 2010 thumbnail Texas Poetry Calendar 2010
by Steve Labinski

Texas poetry is alive and well thanks to the folks at Dos Gatos Press. Their twelfth annual book calendar contains over eighty nice poems in a sturdy spiral-bound book.
Fearless Critic Austin Restaurant Guide thumbnail Fearless Critic Austin Restaurant Guide, 2nd Edition
Book Review by Lucas Everidge

A brutally honest guide to 480 restaurants in the Austin, Texas area. Highly entertaining, as well as informative, this just released second edition takes aim at everything across the board, proving once again how Austinites cannot get enough of their restaurants and local food culture.
Fort Worth Then and Now
Fort Worth - Then & Now
Original book review
This beautiful coffee-table book explores the changes that have taken place in Fort Worth by comparing a historic photograph with a contemporary image taken at the same place. We see how things change, and stay the same over time.
Between Heaven and Texas Between Heaven and Texas
Original book review
The beautiful Texas landscape comes alive in this book of Wyman Meinzer's vivid photography. This volume from the University of Texas Press is a sight to behold
Texas Cemetaries Texas Cemeteries
Original book review
From the simplest slab of stone to the most ornate weathered marble, every grave marker in a Texas cemetery bears witness to an interesting life. Bill Harvey makes the readers appreciate the many stories about the lives of important Texans, which these silent stones can tell.
Texas Trilogy
  • Texas Trilogy: Life In A Small Texas Town
    Original book review

  • General Texas Books

    Books on Lyndon Johnson

    Cookbooks & Food-Related Books
    Editor's Choice Reviews

    You Can't Do That, Dan Moody
    by Ken Anderson
    Gamblers & Gangsters - Fort Worth's Jacksboro Highway in the 1940's and 1950's
    by Ann Arnold

    This month we explore the law and the lawlessness of Texas. We review two books from the Eakin Press - You Can't Do That, Dan Moody by Ken Anderson and Gamblers & Gangsters: Fort Worth's Jacksboro Highway in the 1940's and 1950's by Ann Arnold. Ken Anderson's book on Texas Governor Dan Moody tells a great story which, as a life-long Texas resident, I did not know. In the 1920's the Klu Klux Klan was thriving all over the South. Anderson details the formation of a very active Klan chapter in Moody's Williamson County, which is about 40 miles north of Austin, TX. Ann Arnold's Gamblers & Gangsters runs through the lives and fates of many shady characters who made-up Fort Worth's gangster underworld. The gangster underworld? Yes, for many years Fort Worth was refered to as "Little Chicago." Readers of this book will quickly undertstand the term was well-deserved.

    The Daily Texan The First 100 Years The Daily Texan: The First 100 Years
    by Tara Copp and Robert L Rogers

    This book chronicles the 100 year history of the student newspaper of the University of Texas, the Daily Texan. It works on many levels: the book catalog's people and events like a yearbook, but it is also is full of historical anecdotes, photos and articles.

    Stirring Prose Stirring Prose: Cooking With Texas Authors
    by Deborah Douglas

    From the book jacket: Stirring Prose: Cooking with Texas Authors is a delightfully revealing look at some of Texas' best writers. Initially conceived as a Who's Who of Texas authors, Deborah Douglas quickly realized that asking authors to write about their favorite recipes freed them from "the big toe-digging constraints of having to talk directly about themselves. The resulting off-center reflections are brilliant slices of their personalities and their writing styles."

    Splash Across Texas! Splash Across Texas!
    by Chandra Moira Beal

    Swimmers and fans of Austin Texas and the Hill Country will appreciate this new, definative guide to swimming in Central Texas.

    Ultimate Chili Cookbook The Ultimate Chili Cookbook
    by W. C. Jameson

    Everyone needs at least one chili cookbook, and The Ultimate Chili Cookbook by W. C. Jameson is a good one to have.

    Through Time and Valley Through Time and the Valley
    by John R. Erickson

    This is a carefully crafted book, well-written and researched about the Texas Panhandle, an area many Texans have never even seen.

    Editor's Choice Boardin' in the Thicket: Recipes and Reminiscences of Early Big Thicket Boarding Houses
    by Wanda A. Landrey

    Editor's Choice
    Three Self-Published Cookbooks:
    As We Remember - Recipes & Recollections of the Timmermann Sisters
    Secrets to Cooking Tex-Mex
    by Michael W. Ludwig
    The Ultimate Wine & Food Pairing Cookbook
    by Merrill Bonarrigo