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Tripping the Trinity River
by Larry Hodge
On the edge of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, not far from DFW Airport, kayakers paddle lazily by the lush green island in the middle of the Trinity River as four wild turkeys in succession blast off and fly right over their heads, flapping mightily, heading for the dense forest on the other side.

Texas Events

2010 Wine Festival Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival:
Wine Downpour at the Sunday Fair

By Steve Labinski
Foodies and wine connoisseurs from Austin and the Central Texas area enjoyed their own kind of Woodstock last Sunday, gathering together in the wet, muddy fields of Driftwood to enjoy the closing party for the Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival.

Texana History

Letters from the Alamo
by Lori Grossman
The Alamo's acting commander, Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis, fought Mexican forces not only with conventional weapons, but also with the ammunition of the written word.

Recent Book Reviews

Hummingbirds of Texas
Hummingbirds of Texas
Birdwatching is arguably the state's fastest growing sport. Many parts of the state lie in migratory paths hummingbirds
Lone Star Texas
Lone Star Nation
Historian H.W. Brands spins an entertaining and balanced telling of this American epic, the battle for Texas independence. Starting with the original settlements, painting life at the time, a group of heroic American settlers face down General Santa Anna, and other threats.
Texas Cemeteries Texas Cemeteries
From the simplest slab of stone to the most ornate weathered marble, every grave marker in a Texas cemetary bears witness to an interesting life. Bill Harvey makes readers appreciate the many stories about the lives of important Texans, which these silent stones can tell.

Hell's Half Acre Hell's Half Acre
A detailed and interesting look at frontier Fort Worth's legendary vice district, commonly known as Hell's Half Acre.

Touring Texas Gardens Touring Texas Gardens
Texas' best kept secret is its gardens. Stephens tours public and private gardens around the state, collecting useful information for day-trips, visits and vacations.

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Texas Politics:
The Big Rich thumbnail The Big Rich
Book Review by Steve Labinski

Texas loves big stories about itself, and nothing reads bigger than the ups and downs of its most famous entreprenuers, the Big Four oilmen H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, Roy Cullen and Sid Richardson. Containing interesting biographies, the book eventually wades into deep water by trying to pinpoint Texas' political origins.

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Lovin That Lone Star Flag thumbnail Lovin' That Lone Star Flag
Book Review by Alfredo Alvarez

Texans have never been shy about pride in their state. So it's high time for someone to offer, in the form of a large coffee table book, examples of some of the many ways that Texans show and display their state's famous flag.

Texas BBQ in Wyoming For the Best Barbecue in Texas, Go to Wyoming
by Rick Vanderpool
It being almost a personal crusade to sample the best "Q" from as many different Texas joints (under the pretense of photographing the signs) as time, funds, and my arteries will allow, it was with no small measure of anticipation that I departed Lubbock, the morning of June 24, on a quest that would have amounted to finding the end of the rainbow - in gustatory terms, that is.
Texas Fish
Texan Snags Worlds-Largest Blue Catfish
Weighing in at over 125 pounds, grinning catfish Splash is quite the tourist attraction.

Texas Quarters
Texas Quarter
Texas Quarters
Make Change

June, 2004 introduced the state's official quarter. The Lone Star State's quarter already sparks great interest.
Texas Women
Quotable Texas Women
Quotable Texas Women
Texas is and has always been peopled by strong characters that, as often as not, know how to turn a phrase. This quality runs deep in Texas women.

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