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Good Jerky! Homemade Sausage!

Author Larry Burrier sent us his two new books on making jerky and making sausage last week, and I've decided to simply go ahead and let our readers know about them immediately. His Texas Link To Jerky Making is small, compact and the perfect reference size on the subject of jerky making.

Burrier describes methods for drying the jerky, and what meats can be used. He describes proper marinades, and the equipment needed. There are several pages of photographs illustrating how to make jerky, and he even includes drawings and details on making a homemade smoker. (He likes to use an old refrigerator)

There are two chapters on jerky recipes, and jerky meals. Jerky recipes include Country Jerky, Pineapple-style Jerky, Louisiana Cajun Jerky, Teriyaki Jerky, Bourbon Jerky and many more. Burrier tells you how to use jerky meats to create meals like Jerky and Cheese Rice, Jerky Chili, Jerky Stew and Jerky Fajitas.

At 55 pages, the book is designed to be a quick-read, handy reference on its subject. Whenever you want advice on the subject, this book will be right there on your bookshelf.

Burrier's other book this month is the Texas Link to Sausage Making. Running 109 pages, it is a complete A-to-Z, soup-to-nuts guide on making sausage. There is an old saying - People should never look closely at the inside details of making sausage. No details are spared here! We learn all about field dressing a deer, how to process venison, other details. He decribes the different natural casings, and curing salts. Burrier explains all the equipment needed to make sausage, and he includes several pages of useful photographs on what he's talking about.

He also includes a large section on sausage recipes - Old-fashioned German Sausage, Germen Beerwurst Sausage, German Apple Sausage, German Liverwurst Sausage, Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Kielbasa Sausage, Chorizo Sausage, plus many more. Then he has a listing of additional recipes using sausage like Potato Dumplings, Stuffed Cabbage, and Sauerkraut & Bratwurst.

Larry lives in one of the finest towns for barbecue and other traditional Texas cooking, Lockhart, TX, which is about 40 minutes south of Austin. He has taken his specialized small-town Texas knowledge and given it to us in these nifty books.

Texas Cooking Note: As of Summer, 2003, both of these books are back in stock, and at a discounted price. Go ahead and get these very informative books today!

The Texas Link to Jerky Making
Publisher: Eakin, ISBN: 1571687467; (September 2002) List Price: $10.95

The Texas Link to Sausage Making
Publisher: Eakin, ISBN: 1571687459; (September 2002) List Price: $14.95
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Texas Sausage Making and Texas Jerky Making
64 pages
Eakin Press 2002-11-01
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