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One Heartbeat chronicles the life and times of college football coach Mack Brown, who has built winners at Texas, North Caroline, and Tulane. Poignantly assembled, One Heatbeat collects thoughts and stories from the heart, from a person far from his finished journey in life.

This book is not essentially about Coach Brown, it is about how to live life. It illustrates what to hold on to and what to discard.

One Heartbeat is about the people who have touched him and taught him. It is about the joy of coaching and the thrill of winning. Brown explains the quiet peace of watching a kid grow into a man with values to make a difference. He describes a profession that has gut-level rewards, even in the hard times.

Brown directs the University of Texas Longhorns. He is recognized as one of the most respected football coaches in college football today. Brown’s reputation has developed as a coach able to rejuvenate college programs who football fortunes have sagged.

Coach Brown’s remarkable record as a head football coach includes success at every level, including the rare accomplishment of building top ten programs at two different institutions. Mack’s philosophy: To win championships with nice kids who graduate.

Not only a philosophy, it is also a commitment. One Heatbeat, written with sports information specialist Bill Little, is mainly an inspirational book. Among Coach Brown’s secrets are anecdotes and inspirational essays for players, coaches, parents and football fans of all ages.

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One Heartbeat: A Philosophy of Teamwork, Life and Leadership
192 pages
Bright Sky Press 2003-10-01
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